The Flaw Line

I’ve been thinking a lot about people and their imperfections. Instead of a cautious tell this time, I am asking a question.

At what point do we draw the Flaw Line?

Everyone has a Flaw Line, it’s that line where someone’s flaws just become too much and you can’t handle them anymore. Where does that line get drawn? Are we supposed to accept people and all of their flaws, physical and emotional?

I know we all have different lines at varying degrees. Some people can handle a lot of flaws (they like the fixer-uppers), and there are those that have to have perfection in the form of a person (they want a finished product and in my experience are often the dreaded serial dater). With Coyote I have drawn my line.

Here are is the list of flaws with Coyote, can you guess where I drew the line?:He occasionally smokes (when he is with me he vapes which is fine)

  1. He smokes (he vapes around me which is fine).
  2. He occasionally dips (so far he has only done this once in front of me).
  3. PTSD from serving over seas.
  4. He is a very bad communicator.

Can you guess my line?

Number four is where I draw the line. I need some type of communication beyond the physical. When we are together, BOOM, BANG, WHIZ Z!! Fireworks!! When we are apart, it’s radio silence until the day of our next meeting. We hold little to no conversations during the week and when we do they are brief because he has just gotten off from work and is about to fall asleep. I know he is busy, but is it too much to ask to send me as “thinking of you snap” or “miss you Facebook message”?

I understand that no one is perfect. No relationship is easy due to people’s imperfections. He has communication problems, I have anxiety and trust issues,  my ex-turned friend (I really need to give him a name) has commitment issues. I get it, we all have problems that make a relationship hard work. But I think we need to be allowed a little wiggle room. If we try to ignore the problem or apply Elmer’s Glue, it’s going to fall apart all over again.

This weekend, during date number six, I will have a talk with Mr.Coyote the Imperfect. I am hoping we can find a glue stronger the Elmer’s to hold this new relationship together.

If not.I have a summer to work, volunteer, and get my young adult life ready for my senior year of college.

-Girl Y



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