And a Side Order of Orgasm Please

In case you couldn’t tell by the title, this post is not for the young ones.


Have you ever had an orgasm so intense it’s all you think about 24 hours later? Well I had mine last night, at Coyote’s place, while his mother was twenty feet away.

Scene: A small wood building, equipped with a dinning nook, stove, refrigerator, and big screen TV (Looked about 55 or 60 inches) otherwise known as the “man-cave”.  Dusk is approaching fast, the crickets are sending their mating call out and the dogs are barking to be let out. Three people, a woman of about 50, a young gentleman of 22, and a young woman of 21 share a few laughs as they clean up after the home cooked meal the young man and nice lady prepared. The nice lady, Mrs. Coyote, starts making her way to the house in front of the man-cave leaving the young man, Coyote, and the young lady, Girl Y alone for a whole twenty minutes. Of course they do the dirty in the man-cave.

I know, I know. I was supposed to talk to him about about my anxiety over his lack of communication. But guys, come one. Best orgasm I have EVER had. I know, I know, I’m only 21, I have plenty of time for orgasms, but it just so happened I had my first mind blowing orgasm, yesterday afternoon where he and his father go to relax. Talk about a bad-boy *insert obvious winky face here*

During our good-bye kisses, I did inform him that his lack of communication did cause a bit of stress on my end. Maybe he will get better, maybe he won’t. All I know is the sex is WOW, he has formerly introduced me to his mother.Up next are Father and Sister formal introductions on his side and he has to meet my mother and my brother before we labeled “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. I can’t remember the last time I had to work this hard just to get a full blown relationship. It’s nice. usually the guys are working for me.

So I bring back the question from my last post. Where is the flaw line drawn?

I haven’t found mine with Coyote yet. But I have found the metaphorical line for myself.

Yesterday, somewhere between post orgasm and pre-innocent smile for my mom, I realized I had let my anxiety take over my life. I was terrified that this sensational, gracious, mind blowing lover, was going to walk. Why? Because I am used to a guy that texts me throughout the day. I have never been with a man that works as long or as much as he does. But when he saw me, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. Nothing felt more me real to me at that moment than his kiss. I know, I know, that’s the bull shit you read in teen romance novels, but isn’t that what we are all looking for? A surreal kiss with a side order of orgasm?

-Girl Y



3 thoughts on “And a Side Order of Orgasm Please

  1. I feel like I’m butting in on a really personal post here, but I just wanted to give my two cents.

    In the short term, I would say you are probably right – most people are looking for those fireworks and someone that excites them. However, if you want a serious relationship, you need someone who is not going to stress you out unnecessarily from a lack of communication, especially when you go back to school in the fall. Relationships do take work from both parties, but they shouldn’t feel impossible. If it becomes an ongoing issue, I’d end it. But, since you communicated your feelings to him, I’d see what happens from here on out and enjoy whatever comes of it.


    1. Thank you for your comment!! I have been talking to my friends and family about the situation, and they have basically given the same answers. I keep rationalizing why he does what he does. He has PTSD and I read that sometimes it can be hard for those with PTSD to communicate. So my sympathetic side is battling it out with my cynical side. I haven’t seen him in a week and I have not have a real conversation with him in that same amount of time. I have gotten a few Snapchats here and there, but I like to think of the person that I am dating as someone I can hold a conversation with anywhere, any time, through any medium. This guy is just not cutting it. I really don’t want to end things via Facebook messenger (as I have always viewed that as a cowardly way to end any type of relationship), but if he does not answer me back soon to set up a day to talk through this, I may have too.
      Thank you again for your comment. If you ever see a post you feel like you need to say something, let you fingers fly!! I love getting comments!


      1. I totally understand. If it is really that difficult to schedule even a phone call with the guy, it’s not worth it. When you spend a lot more time thinking about your relationship than actually having one, it’s not good times.

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