Busy Week, Busier Thoughts

Hello fellow bloggers. It has been a crazy week!! Monday and Tuesday I went to freshman orientation with my younger brother who will be attending the same college as myself. Wednesday I was  so exhausted from walking around in 100 degree heat that I slept all day (and drank plenty of water), Thursday I turned in employment applications, and Friday I had a job interview. Today I am cleaning up around my own house and later this afternoon I will be helping a friend pack up her belongings so that she can move to her new apartment on Tuesday. Being an adult is exhausting, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I was going to write a post about adulting, but half way through the post, I realized I was just repeating myself from my Smooth Sailing post. It was a bit more elaborated and not as metaphorical, but it was the same general idea. So instead, I will play a little game of Catch-Up.

So here is what has happened in my life recently that may or may not interest you.

  1. I dropped Coyote. Under normal circumstances I would delete anything in my life that would remind me of him, but seeing as most of my early posts are about him or include him, I will keep those around. At least until I am well established in the blogging world. Maybe even after I am established and I can include them in my novel when I am thirty. I gave him a month, and my month was full of anxiety and stress induced dreams. Now I take the time to focus on anything other than a male companion.
  2. I got a job!! Yaaay!
  3. I have been recently considering a profession in blogging. I believe myself to be a pretty decent writer. I have a “thing” that I write about. Maybe it could become a popular “thing” and people will actually want to take my advice?
  4. That’s it folks, but I really don’t like odd numbers so…there is that…

Yup. That is about as exciting as my life gets when I am not in school.

I have a few more posts that will be coming your way this week. My favorite is actually advice I got from a friend while I was dealing with the Coyote problem. It’s going to be a post worth sharing with your friends, I promise!! It will come later this week as I have to type up a rough draft and have her proof read it before I can post it.

Join us tomorrow for an exciting post with me ranting and plenty of curse words!!

-Girl Y



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