Millennials and the Next Generation

MSo I was in the car, surfing Facebook (as is the habit of young adults, teens, and most of the time adults, when they are board) when I came across this article titled, Why Millennials Should Not Have Kids. It was posted on a website known for it’s humor, so I clicked on the link, thinking it was going to be one of those “They shouldn’t do this” and it ends up being a satirical piece about why a particular group of people should avoid doing the chosen activity.

It was not a satirical piece, though there was plenty of sarcasm. Maybe I missed the humor, maybe this dad thought what he was writing would be funny. I did not find it humorous, but rather smug and condescending. I will post the link to the article at the bottom of this post. It was written by James Breakwell. Who is he? Good question, his link will also be posted at the bottom of this post. From my understanding he is supposed to be a funny guy. His Facebook page is brimming with humorous little bits from his life. So why he chose to tell an entire generation why they shouldn’t have kids is beyond my level of understanding.

There are few topics that will send me into a writing frenzy, and belittling an entire generation is one of those topics. When I first read the article, I reacted the way most people would, I was self absorbed and pissed!

“Who did this guy think he was? How dare he tell millions of people they shouldn’t be allowed to have kids because of the time period they were raised in? Doesn’t he know that not all of us are self absorbed, arrogant, ass holes? I’m not like that! My friends are not like that, how rude! He is an ass and I will prove it on  my blog! HA! That will show him!!”

It has been a few weeks since first reading the article. I am no longer as hot headed about the content, but I am still bothered that this man thinks our generation would fail as parents. From my experience, all parents think they are raising their children the “right way” and they pass down their “right way” to the next generation and so on and so on. I guess my real problem with this article is that instead of offering tips to the next generation, he proceeded to bash 20 something-year-old young adults, who are already terrified of having children, and gave them no hope for the future.

Here are some reasons we should not have kids, according to Mr. Breakwell.

1)  “They [Millennials] live in a world in which everything is outdated within a matter of weeks and swapped out for a newer, better version….Millennials think they’re starting a family, but really they’re just releasing their own replacements. They aren’t preserving their legacy; they’re making themselves obsolete…”

I don’t know about you, but that is why I would want to start a family. I want to become obsolete, let someone else do all the hard work while I relax poolside in Hawaii!! Part of raising a family is teaching the next generation about the technology we currently have in hopes they will improve upon it and make the world a better, safer, smarter place to live. Part of becoming a parent is realizing that you no longer come first, and I hate to break it to you, but that isn’t a Millennial problem, that is a humanity problem.

2) “Millennials feel superior because they understand technology today, but they’ll be just as lost as the parents of every other era once their own children surpass them…The world is full of brilliant, sophisticated 50-year-olds who type with two fingers and think Tumblr is a venereal disease. Millennials feel smug because their window of learning happened to coincide with the rise of the Internet and the birth of social media. But eventually a new wave of apps will make millennials’ current social networking skills as useful as churning butter or learning cursive…”

Well yes we feel smug, as did most 20 year olds in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. What 20 year old does not feel smug? We think we rule the world, then we have kids and learn they our children rule the world, that is all part of growing up and having a family. Also, do you know how to churn butter Mr. Breakwell? If you do that is very impressive, but I bet half of your generation does NOT know how to churn butter. So you see, if there had been a time where someone would have predicted that your skills would surpass those of churning butter and called you a fool for wanting kids because all you knew how to do was churn butter, wouldn’t that peeve you even a little?

3)  “Kids today toss around slang terms with no connection to any known language and dank memes whose alleged humor would take a doctoral thesis to explain. Clearly, millennials are incompatible with these new updates. It’s time to trade them in for a better model.

Most millennials can’t imagine a world in which they aren’t the leaders of the Internet, but it will become a reality as soon as they have kids. For their offspring, nothing will happen behind closed doors…”

As you have already mentioned, our time as the internet Kings and Queens is fast approaching it’s end as the newer younger generation takes over. As an ADULT, I understand this and am willing to graciously step down. I also was never completely into the internet anyway. My brother, three years younger than myself, is more into the internet than I am. He has a passion for it and continues to learn about computers and how things work. It’s not a matter of the next generation taking over, it’s a matter of who is interested in keeping up with the latest technology. I have never been, nor will I ever be one of those people that spends thousands of dollars just to own “the next best thing”.

4) “As the first members of Facebook, millennials got to choose what they shared — and didn’t share — about themselves. They kept their own embarrassing childhood photos hidden in dusty albums and only published images that made them look cool, or at least their misguided version of cool. They owe the human race an apology for duck face and planking. Once they reproduce, however, millennials will be unable to resist the hardwired desire to humiliate their children. They will post every awkward, cringe-worthy photo of their sons and daughters before their kids are old enough to stop them.

Did you ever add any family member on Facebook. Ever? We will not be the first generation to post embarrassing photos or videos of our offspring. We will certainly not be the last either. Embarrassing our children is just one of the many perks of being a parent. But I think I will stick to dancing the Cupid Shuffle and the Macarena to embarrass mine! If parents post pictures or videos of their children on the internet, they are just proud parents displaying their fondness for their child.

Also, I am sure there are some things your generation should apologize to the human race for, so don’t try to make us feel bad for experimenting.

5) “Rather than becoming cautious and humble, the children of millennials will grow up fearless and defiant.” It is my personal belief how your kids turn out is all on how you raise them. There are adult trolls on the internet bullying children.There are children bullying full grown adults. Again, this is not a generational problem, that is a human problem.

6) “Millennials aren’t ready for the challenge, but no one ever is. This will be the worst generation ever, but only until the next one.” Thank you for those inspiring words!

I tried my best to keep the quotes from the article within context. I did not want to spin his words so that they favored my oppositional point of view.  If his plan was to scare a bunch of young adults, he accomplished that goal.

You can find the full article Here

James Breakwell’s page is Here

-Girl Y


2 thoughts on “Millennials and the Next Generation

  1. I don’t know if I can really be bothered reading his article, sounds like he wasn’t trying to make a convincing case… just wanted to have a whinge


    1. Maybe he was. Maybe I am just too defensive when it comes to people talking about the Millennial generation. Like I said, I think this was written to be lighthearted and to poke fun of the Generation Y. But I am kinda tired of people making fun of or talking down about this generation. If all he was doing was having a whinge, then it was a whinge that got under my skin and one I did not appreciate.

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